Transcend Into Wellness

Transcend Into Wellness

Hosted by: Meenu Ananthh

"Transcend Into Wellness" is a podcast that explores the interconnectedness of spirituality, mind, and body, and provides practical tips and insights for elevating your life. Join host Meenu Ananthh, as they delve...


Presence over Presents this Christmas

Season #1 Episode #28

In this heartwarming holiday episode, we invite you to step away from the hustle and bustle of consumerism and explore the deeper meaning of Christmas. Join us as we embark on a journey to prioritize "Presence over...
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Breaking Up with Friends: Healing from Friendship Breakups and Finding Closure

Season #1 Episode #27

Friendship breakups can be as profound and impactful as romantic breakups, yet they receive far less attention. In this episode, we navigate the nuanced and sometimes painful aspects of these separations, providing...
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Soulful Conversations: Navigating Spirituality, Manifestation, and Trauma Healing

Season #1 Episode #26

In this thought-provoking episode of Transcend Into Wellness, join host Ryan Hagan and Kristine Erickson as they embark on a soulful journey into the realms of spirituality, manifestation, and healing trauma....
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Debunking Society's 7 Biggest Lies: Unveiling the Truths We Need to Know

Season #1 Episode #25

In a world often riddled with societal narratives, our mission is to unravel the falsehoods we've been led to believe and explore the facts that deserve our attention. Join us on a captivating journey as we challenge...
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Soulmate or Trauma-mate? Let's dive in

Season #1 Episode #24

In 'Roots of Love,' we embark on a profound journey into the intricate web of human relationships, exploring the fascinating connection between our past experiences and the partners we choose. Join us as we delve deep...
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The truth about the Human Chakra System

Season #1 Episode #23

Explore the fascinating dynamics of our inner energy centers as we delve into the profound differences between operating with balanced chakras and the challenges that arise when these vital energy hubs are imbalanced....
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Breaking the 'Always Happy' Myth: Real Talk on Toxic Positivity

Season #1 Episode #22

In a world that often pressures us to put on a happy face, "Breaking the 'Always Happy' Myth: Real Talk on Toxic Positivity" delves deep into the hidden perils of suppressive optimism. Join us as we unpack the ways in...
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Motivation & Discipline: Finding the Perfect Rhythm

Season #1 Episode #21

In this episode, we explore the delicate balance between the fiery spark of inspiration and the beat of commitment. We talk about finding your own perfect rhythm and staying consistent with that. Hosted on Acast....
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Echoes of Authenticity: Speaking Your Truth

Season #1 Episode #20

"In 'Echoes of Authenticity: Speaking Your Truth,' we delve deep into the power and essence of personal narratives. Join us as we navigate through transformative insights from Meenu who dared to speak her truth about...
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Diving into Light and Shadow of Entrepreneurship

Season #1 Episode #19

Step into the captivating world of entrepreneurship as we embark on a thought-provoking journey of "Diving into Light and Shadow of Entrepreneurship." In this enlightening episode, we are joined by Ashley, a visionary...
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5 Ways to get over a Heartbreak

Season #1 Episode #18

In this emotionally charged episode, Meenu delves into the delicate topic of heartbreak and explore five powerful strategies to help mend a shattered heart. Join her as she offers a supportive and empathetic space for...
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Conversation with my client Tycorria about Healing and Thriving against all odds

Season #1 Episode #17

In this incredibly inspiring episode, we sit down with a remarkable individual, Tycorria who has navigated a journey of healing and transformation against all odds. Join us as we delve deep into their personal story...
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