"I started working with Meenu in January of this year and enrolled in her program. I struggled with Depression my whole life from time to time. I would also get random panic attacks whenever there was a mild trigger or sometimes just out of fear. I did emdr therapy before this. It helped but the issues did not fully go away, I would feel better for a bit and it would all come back . Meenu suggested her 3 month program to me and I immediately signed up as I hadn’t done anything like this before. I really just wanted a solution at that time. To my surprise, 3 weeks into the program, I stopped having panic attacks. I eventually was also able to reduce the dosage of my meds at that time for depression. I feel amazing. Best part is my energy levels totally came back up and I also reduced some weight in the process. I didn’t realize the emotional baggage I was carrying until I released everything. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Meenu and the tools she provided. I highly recommend working with her if you are considering a long-term solution for your mental health issues. Thank you once again. I’m so eternally grateful."

- Chris Mason

“Meenu’s program changed my life! When she told me what was included in it I immediately wanted in! It’s safe to say that I’ve healed from so many traumatic incidents and fears in these last 5 months of working with her. Tapping is a no brainer and I still use it every day to move through stuff! Her energy healing sessions are nothing less than amazing. Meenu displays deep kindness and professionalism and she certainly is a master of her craft! I’m finally glad I can stop going to therapy and stick to doing the inner work. I have access to her via Voxer which I’m so grateful for. If you’re looking into healing yourself, I highly recommend working with Meenu. She’s the GOAT!”

 - Amanda Miller

“Prior to meeting Meenu, I was going to therapy twice a month and was also on meds for anxiety and blood pressure. I came across Meenu by attending her New moon meditation in December and I was really drawn to her energy and her style of teaching. I reached out to her and decided to do her 3 month coaching program in Jan.

I can honestly say that it's the best investment I ever made on myself. Meenu is truly a master in her craft. Within a month of working with her, my blood pressure normalized. Even the doctors were shocked at this point and encouraged me to continue doing whatever I was doing. After three months which I completed at the end of March, I can honestly say my life improved drastically. I learnt tapping which is my favorite tool to use everyday whenever I face triggers. I also learnt meditation, breath work and many other tools which I use everyday.

I am SO SO grateful I came across her. A true gem in this city of Nashville. Recommend her 100/100!”

- Sarah Taylor

“My wife has just the greatest respect for Meenu. She is an extremely professional and knowledgeable practitioner. I am forever grateful for the help that she provided my wife. She helped her relieve symptoms of insomnia, and introduced her to a healthier way of living. Moreover, she is a genuinely kind person who cares about the success of her clients.”

- Carlos Carrion

"Meenu is awesome!! I had a great reiki session, and am looking forward to more!! She goes the extra step to make sure you get better. Everything she shared with me about myself was on point. Her spirit and space is very welcoming."

- Ariel Fuqua

"Meenu was placed in my life at just the right time.  I was in MUCH need of healing & my journey beit a slow process has definitely changed.  Reik is new to me  & Meenu has been  very patient, information & education during this process.  I will definitely continue my journey of self healing & love & continue to learn from Meenu all I can."

- LaToya Terry

"Meenu was brought to me truly by manifestation. My spiritual journey has evolved so much and I'm recently new to the path of manifestation, reiki, theta healing, etc. I am so appreciative the creator saw fit for Meenu to be a guide along the way. Her energy is warm and she's direct enough that everything she teaches is clear and understandable - she takes her time making sure every question is answered. I have taken two meditation classes with her and I plan on going to her for reiki or whichever healing I feel I need at the time. Meenu is amazing, you won't be disappointed."

 - Candace Bradshaw

“Meenu is a wonderful coach. Her energy is very calming and she listens to everything I say asking me just the right questions to determine the aspects I need to focus on. She explains with clarity and guides me so I can get a better perspective. Her tools are absolutely brilliant and she has suggestions to use them in a way that it is not overwhelming. She is committed to making me succeed by giving the resources to use in various situations. I am so grateful that we were able to connect and I look forward to our sessions.”

- Namrata Daiya

"Meenu is super clear in communicating the steps needed to take total control of your own healing. She gives the proper tools for follow up and comes from a very positive place. I’ve taken 2 classes and attended one of her meditations. So far it’s been nothing shy of enlightening and educational. If you’re looking to gain a deeper understanding, I definitely recommend her courses." 

- Gabrielle Staton

"I couldn’t have chosen a better teacher to receive my level 1 reiki certification from. Meenu is a wealth of knowledge. She truly is a master at what she does!"

- Bethany Hilton

“Working with Meenu was exactly what I needed to get to the next level. Her insight and guidance was so supportive and I now feel like I have tools to manifest the reality I want. No fluff, and 100% authentic. Thank you so much!!!”

- Ryan Washington

"Highly highly recommend .... I was not sure what to expect from the reiki session but it changed my mindset completely. Followed by next meditation session u need to experience to believe it. Thank you meenu you have been patient & understanding healer"

- Palli Gupta

“BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT ASAP! Meenu is truly a gem. I started my Reiki sessions with her last year in April, and have been seeing her at least once a month. She has an amazing energy about her and I always feel safe. I come out of those sessions feeling relaxed and refreshed.”

- Zakeei Baraksai

“My experience with Meenu has been great! This was my first experience with Reiki and it definitely won’t be my last. She is so knowledgeable yet down to earth and let’s you ask as many questions as you’d like. Every time I have a session with Meenu, I feel that she is truly invested in my well-being and is super supportive. If you are someone looking to get more in tune with yourself, even if you’re a beginner like me, Meenu is a great guide! Highly recommend it!”

- Laquesha W

“Meenu has been an amazing spiritual guide for me. I was initially doubtful about distance healing but it was so comforting and easy to communicate with her. Thank you for helping me Meenu!”

- Kalpana Kannadasan

“I’ve been having different sessions with Meenu for some years now and it’s been transformational for my mental health, my physical health and my spiritual health.

I’ve done therapy before but with Meenu I’ve had major breakthroughs and have been able to deal with my depression and be more aware of my feelings and  my decisions.

Also reiki has been critical for me and my loved ones, including my beloved pet.

I think that you should give it a try and work with Meenu. You’re going to learn so much about yourself. Thanks for the help Meenu. Looking forward to keeping up the evolution with you.”

- Mariana Veliz

“Meenu treated me for a mild discomfort I had in my right shoulder, from over exerting my arm while playing a sport. There was pain that I would feel through my arm but I wasn’t able to localise the pain to one spot. She was quick to identify the source of the pain with her techniques and she did a Quantum Touch healing on me. Though I did see instant relief, the discomfort resurfaced the same day. But, she did preempt me that that would happen and to wait it out… And to my surprise, the pain never bothered me ever again….This talks of her experience too from handling such situations or cases…

She is a great person at heart and exudes positive energy…She also does distant healing. Transcendence By Meenu is a great initiative, to help enhance people’s livelihood through its wellness programs.

Thanks Meenu!”

- Srinidhi Rajan

“I had a really great experience working with Meenu to resolve some ongoing issues in my home that were impacting my child's sleep. Empathetic, kind, and proactive, Meenu is a warm and generous soul who can be trusted to work hard to help you and/or your family meet specific goals and unique needs.”

- Jerad Schutt

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