“Just be yourself!”- How many times have you heard this? Whether it’s attending a job interview or going on a date. Let’s break this down even further. How many of us actually know who we really are at the core? We are born on this planet and from the minute we are born, we are conditioned to think, act and behave in a certain way. And we grow up WITH that conditioning, until one day, we discover something! An unlocking! An activation! That it no longer makes sense! WHAAAAAT? 

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will believe it’s whole life thinking it is stupid” - Albert Einstein 

It doesn’t make sense because something doesn’t align. Many of us don’t introspect this feeling and just go on about living our lives in misalignment. 

What if we no longer need to do that? 

Human Design is a system that combines astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, the Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics to provide a comprehensive understanding of human behaviors and life purpose. Human Design is one of the most powerful tools that helps you tap into your innate gifts on how to use them to achieve success in all areas of life!

So what exactly is in a Human Design reading? 

The readings are given based on which "Energy" type you are, and there are five types in total. Each and every one of us has a unique chart based on our date of birth, time of birth & place of birth.

Your chart will reveal:

  • Your blueprint of your most authentic self & how you are supposed to operate.
  • The conscious and the unconscious parts of you that need to come into light. 
  • Your gifts in this lifetime.
  • Your purpose, strengths and weaknesses.
  • How you can use your Energy Centers and manifest a life you desire.  And so much more! 

You will benefit the most from this reading if you are/ feel:

⤗  Stuck and don't know or understand your purpose in this life and need clarity

⤗ You are looking for overall guidance in all areas of life and need support/ validation if you are going in the right direction 

⤗ You want to become more self-aware and also improve relationship with yourself and your loved one

⤗ You want to better understand your children (mamas, this is a great tool), or even your partner (excellent for relationship building) 

What to expect in a Human Design Reading? 

Your chart will be prepared prior to the reading. The actual reading itself may either take place on zoom (for recording purposes). During your time together, Meenu will provide several insights and guidance on how you can use your design to your highest potential and start implementing changes right away in your day-to-day life. 

You will learn to master your energy type, identify fears, blocks or conditioning associated with your design, and learn how to make small changes that will set you up for success in life, love and business. 

The sessions are quite interactive so all questions you have will be answered. Feel free to take notes during the reading. Recording of the session can be requested before the session begins. 


Individual Reading :$222 | 60-90 Minutes 

Individual Human Design Reading

See what Clients Say about their Human Design Reading

"If you are looking for clarity on why you are the way you are, book this session. The amount of clarity I received during the reading cannot be comprehended in words. I also identified so many areas where I was influenced and conditioned and now I have the tools to finally accept and free myself. Meenu is an ocean of knowledge and information. In short words, BEST DECISION EVER! "

- Andrea Dawson
San Jose, CA
"This human design is the best reading I have had out of all my readings in the past (ex.astrology, tarot, cardology, numerology). It helped me validate a lot of my actions and past experiences I have gone through. It taught me how to move through my life and wellness business to better serve myself and my clients. I loved how it confirmed so many of my own characteristics. My perspective shifted from being hard on myself to accepting myself and my gifts" 
 - Kaddy Jatta
Nashville, TN


" My Human design reading was extremely validating. It helped me realize most of my frustrations in life are because of me operating against my design. It gave me clarity as to why I feel energy so deeply and why I have experienced  such challenges. At the end, I felt empowered in understanding myself and my purpose in this lifetime. " 
- Morgan Austin
Nashville, TN


"I got my Human Design reading from Meenu last week and can honestly say everything clicked and made so much sense. I was struggling in my career and I was able to identify on how I can tap into my gifts more easily now and show up better in my organization. I also identified others areas of weakness that I can improve more on and regained so much clarity that I had lost. Thank you so much Meenu". 

 - Ray Wilson
Washington, DC


"They say a true spiritual healer/guide will ultimately lead you back home to yourself. This was exactly my experience with Meenu in my reading on human design. I was absolutely astonished by how many beautiful truths and personal realizations I was hit with back to back to back, and she delivered this information so eloquently and with so much detail in only an hour! Even though it is a lot of information to unpack all at once, she is highly knowledgeable in this information and breaks everything down in a way that is digestible and understandable. I left the reading feeling incredibly refreshed and rejuvenated. Reconnected to myself in a way I hadn’t been in a long time. As if I had been handed the permission slip I had unknowingly been waiting on to be my most authentic self, without fear and in fact incredibly motivated and inspired to courageously take the reign in my life and show up for myself and the world as I was meant to. T Absolutely astounded by this reading! 11 out of 10!"
- Audrey Cannon
Hattiesburg, MS

"After doing a lot of research, I decided I wanted to get my human design reading and Im so glad I picked Meenu. I was struggling in my marriage and really wanted clarity on how to navigate through situations. Meenu did an elaborate reading on mine and my husband's chart and identified so many areas we could work on. I cannot thank her enough for the clarity as I can see things very clearly now as how we can navigate through issues. 10/10 recommend if you are wanting clarity in any area of your life"

 - Maggie Reynolds
Chatanooga, TN